Newport Rain Barrel w/stand and lid

SKU: 551500100A6881

Sale price$300.84 CAD

Product Specs

  • Capacity 50USG/190L
  • Height 44.5"
  • Length 21.7"
  • Weight 16 lbs
  • Width 22.7"


Introducing the RTS Home Accents 50 Gallon Newport Rain Saver With Stand - your stylish and eco-friendly solution for rainwater harvesting. With its modern design and hand-painted accents, this rain barrel adds a touch of sophistication to any outdoor space.

Key Features:

Removable Lid: Enjoy easy access for cleaning and maintenance, ensuring your rain barrel remains in top condition for efficient water collection. A removable lid also allows for flexibility in filling the barrel from various water sources.

Overflow Nozzle: Equipped with an overflow nozzle that can be installed on both sides, this rain barrel efficiently manages excess water during heavy rainfall, preventing overflow and potential water wastage. Plus, it's compatible with an optional link kit, enabling you to connect multiple barrels for increased water storage capacity.

Screen Kit: The included screen kit on the top of the rain barrel keeps debris out, ensuring the collected water stays clean and ready for use in your garden or landscaping projects.

Convenient Stand: The included stand raises the barrel spigot, making it easier to fill watering cans and other containers. Additionally, the sturdy base provides stability, ensuring your rain barrel stays securely in place.

Brass Spigot: Enjoy reliable water dispensing with the included brass spigot, built for durability and longevity.

By harvesting rainwater with the RTS Home Accents Newport Rain Saver With Stand, you not only reduce your environmental impact but also save on water bills. Utilize collected rainwater to nourish your plants, wash your car, or fill up your watering cans - all while conserving precious freshwater resources.

With a 50 US gallon (190 L) capacity, this rain barrel offers both style and functionality, making it a must-have addition to your outdoor space. Start collecting and conserving rainwater the smart way today!

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